The underlying principle which guides my work with clients is that I believe each person has within themselves the knowledge, intelligence, and strength to learn, heal, & grow and lead happier and more satisfying lives, regardless of background or current circumstances.

I have been trained to provide counseling using a variety of approaches including, but not limited to, psychodynamic therapy, individual psychology, person-centered counseling, reality therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, existential counseling, and gestalt, and also by using an individual’s faith, spiritual or religious beliefs. I do my best to fully understand the thoughts and feelings of my clients, from the beginning of their life experience through where they are today, in a non-judgmental, caring, and safe environment.

Psychological problems are often complex. Emotional problems sometimes involve organic or medical dimensions. It is important to know that I work collaboratively with a group of psychiatrists and nurse practitioners to ensure that my clients receive comprehensive care. When an initial assessment or subsequent impasse indicates that medication may be helpful, individuals are referred to psychiatrists for a pharmacological evaluation to see if medication might be included as part of their overall treatment. If medication is prescribed, the psychiatrist and I consult on a regular basis to maximize the best treatment outcomes. Guidance and resources are also available for Alternative Health Care Interventions.